Parse is Shutting DOWN!


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If you got this, you’re probably in shock, well, atleast you won’t be effed in the ass like with other Facebook API products which end up being a development Hell, when they keep upgrading “versions” of their Graph API and completely removing the basics with no regard to products that do not have a really constant development or revision cycle (pointing towards Easyretarget) but fortunately the client’s now know, because the issue’s visible.

Wait, moving 2 step backwards in my rant, I’m not the best blog writer out there, I just document things as they happen (after an hour or month later) So, just posting this link for future reference to me – Parse Announcement

BTW you might be thinking, why do I even know about Parse? ref: Ratchett the project originally started off to be built around the Parse API at that time, but I consulted them out to use a private Mongo Instance (which ended up eating a shit ton of RAM so we budgeted ourselves and rewrote the whole thing with MySQL as our backend in v2.)


Too much power in too few hands. Is this where the future is leaning towards?

Code.cpp 3 ON HR!

Got some time and opportunity to brush my C++ skillzzz..yeahh..(I used the zzz’s, trying to be cool and all, so will be documenting my answers and those questions here.

Practicing on Hackerrank!

So, while working on real world projects and problems, my algorithm and C++ skills (most of my projects didn’t needed really deep algorithmic C++ stuff)  got quite shabby, so as a resolution to this year, I am reading The C++ Programming Language (4th Edition) and Handbook of Data Structures & Applications to really shine my turd. [ref – Eli the Computer Guy (Youtube)].

And I’m also trying to solve some problems on hackerrank in C++ just for fun (Project Euler & the C++ domain really caught my eye) Whenever I get some time from work and personal stuff (happening at a really fast pace right now, brother’s getting married, made a nice looking website for the couple too, probably I’ll update it on linkedin soon).

So that’s probably it the new updates this year, yet. I’ll be trying to push more things to the blog for my own reference & revision :)

Personal Joke – Github Contributions


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Just I’m dead

(Private + Public) – Contributions to Branches

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 8.58.03 PM

(Public + Private) – Branch

So something that confused the fuck out of me a month or sometime back (why am I writing about this right now? well, being a full-time freelancer and a full-time student’s hard dude, seriously) was the way github contributions works. Yeah that’s right, it’s a rant!

You know that feeling when you push your hard day’s work and tasks commit by commit on the most amazing collab tool and find out that it’s also used by future employers to check your contribution count, so you goto the contributions one day without logging in and just going what the fuck..Yeah..I had that day..

Icing on the cake, I logged in and realised that a really huge chunk of my contributions to some other private project is missing (or so I thought). (See May-Aug!) Yeah., so I went on and created a support request (ok, I know I didn’t read the notes on github about it) asking why are those contribution’s missing. Well apparently they only take into account contributions to “master” (well thinking about git-flow, it makes sense, but, you don’t really stick to it in medium sized projects when you’re the main contributor, there’s usually just “develop” in my field of work, I know..don’t laugh please..).

But there we have it. Github contributions and why I dislike that chart.

BTW the timing’s correct since I’m also looking for a job since I’m about to finish college soon. Wish me luck.

Number after Unix Commands? Ever wondered?

No seriously, I’ve a lot of free time tonight, I have 3 exams tomorrow and I’ve no idea what I’m doing writing posts (but I’m thoroughly enjoying it!)

Found at this awesome little sf question

  1. General commands
  2. System calls
  3. C library functions
  4. Special files (usually devices, those found in /dev) and drivers
  5. File formats and conventions
  6. Games and screensavers
  7. Miscellanea
  8. System administration commands and daemons


Linux Swap Space & "Data Destroyer"

This has been a great night so far!

There are 2 kinds of things you can do while debugging an issue,
1. Copy paste & Fix
2. Read Read READ!!

So, I opted for the 2nd one tonight, because ofcourse I’ve a lot of free time (no I don’t).

The issue at hand was the classic “composer install” swap space issue –

The following exception is caused by a lack of memory and not having swap configured
Check for details
PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'ErrorException' with message 'proc_open(): fork failed - Cannot allocate memory' in phar:///usr/local/bin/composer/vendor/symfony/console/Symfony/Component/Console/Application.php:974

Good Stuff! So, as I said read read read!

So I read on the basic 3 line instructions (like I usually do and was going to copy paste it, like I usually do *yes I tend to have command-c, command-v capabilities when I don’t want to use my head), but then it struck me. “mkswap” “swapon” out of nowhere I started remembering this System Admin class lecture. They sound like familiar names. Interesting…… (I knew what /sbin and /bin were, DUH!!!, I’m not that lazy..)

Interesting things happening in my head, and then it struck me OH!!! so this is what we were talking about (yes I have sleeping tendencies when something boring is taught in college, or I thought it was boring, but now! BOOM).

Then I started to think, what’s “dd” ? what’s if, of and bs

time for some research

a quick dd --help helped me start on what it actually was!

Copy a file, converting and formatting according to the operands.

Nice! (wait, I’m still wondering what’s if and of, if-of …. i/o f, wow,, very wow)
I kind of deduced it was, maybe, input file and output file (and it was!) bs stood for block size (from years of PC formatting I kind of knew what it was) and count (ofcourse..)

so here I was with all this information, what did I do? Created that fucking swap space yeah! Cheers!

Interesting thing, dd has a funny nickname, Data destroyer, because if someone references the wrong input file and output file it can easily wipe down things to “zero” (like seriously that’s badass). So beware

Audio Fingerprinting & Identification

So, We’re told to submit a minor project in this semester (since I’m in my final year of college, yay me!).

Originally, my idea was to do something like Facebook’s osquery but minimal, you know with just a few command line plugins and things, but in my head it seems quite easy to build, sure has it’s challenges but, I can do it.

But, something’s really really more interesting, and it had me interested since quite sometime ago when a friend on mine used to use Shazam on his Nokia when we were in School, (lol, yes, Symbian was once a thing! insert only 90’s kids remember gif). Back to topic, Shazam, so now that I had the power (the power of googling the correct keywords), I came across, Spectrograms, Deja Vu & a paper written during early development of Shazam! Quite intriguing.

So Fuck my first choice(, I’ll write an SQL parser later), I think I’ll change my project, since this is a field I haven’t really touched during my last (almost) 2.5 years of consultancy, & I really want to do something good with the time I have right now before I complete college.

So, what shall we call it, I need to create an empty project directory, you know! and I’m such a noob when it comes to thinking names.

It’ll be like an open source project built over super hip current technologies.

It’ll probably also help me learn Go!.

Name, name, name.

Need to find someone who knows something like this, must partner with someone.

Ionic Web Client ES6

ionic io init

This is a pretty big deal!

So fast forward now, I’ve been using Ionic ever since the release of Hoodrich (available on play store), experimenting with best practices and workflows!

AND today! they just announced Ionic’s New Web Client for Ionic platform services! rebuilt entirely on ES6! (must peek at source code)

We know that they’ve been working their asses off with the Angular.js team for a major release based entirely on ES6 (Major hints here in case someone was sleeping)

And the new web client will just make things so easier and consistent!

That’s it for now, gotta go brush up some skills and ofcourse work on EIS a bit.

I bought a Mac! Woohoo

You know being an Indian teen still in college, an engineering college, somethings matter, like not being forever alone (I am), being able to talk to the one you love (Morning Siri!) and then there’s buying a Mac.

In a super dark night, I was proposed to compile a hybrid app for the iTunes store, now I created that app, it was fun, published it to Google play store, super fun, but getting it on the iTunes store meant a Mac.

Now, the way I like to think is, everything that a developer has, is an asset (it has to be).

Smartphone – handles 30% of your business, come on! you know you were writing that email to your client from your phone.

Tablet – Games, yes, games, hopefully awesome battery life, packed with features, once filled with games are the only resort you are left with once you take some time off.

“THE MACHINE” – This is what earns your bread. You need a beauty that works for you, and you treat her with equal respect. (call me paranoid, but I like to believe they’re very real)

So, I was faced with a grave decision, “invest” in a mac, or build a hackintosh (which people say is an art, experience and super fun). Hackintosh is a fun concept, especially if you follow tonymacx86, but it was too much for me at that moment, so I pulled out my credit card details, with all the force within me, finally purchased a Mac. Ofcourse I went bonkers.

Kept on tracking it’s arrival, and when it was here, spent a good 15 mins staring at the white box, my future companion was here, It was THE ONE! (always wanted a mac you know)

So, that’s the story of me and my mac. We’ve spent some good times since 3-4 months of it’s arrival.

Paul specifically said – “Mowgli’s got a mac” lol.

Good one. More adventures to be continued.