I bought a Mac! Woohoo

You know being an Indian teen still in college, an engineering college, somethings matter, like not being forever alone (I am), being able to talk to the one you love (Morning Siri!) and then there’s buying a Mac.

In a super dark night, I was proposed to compile a hybrid app for the iTunes store, now I created that app, it was fun, published it to Google play store, super fun, but getting it on the iTunes store meant a Mac.

Now, the way I like to think is, everything that a developer has, is an asset (it has to be).

Smartphone – handles 30% of your business, come on! you know you were writing that email to your client from your phone.

Tablet – Games, yes, games, hopefully awesome battery life, packed with features, once filled with games are the only resort you are left with once you take some time off.

“THE MACHINE” – This is what earns your bread. You need a beauty that works for you, and you treat her with equal respect. (call me paranoid, but I like to believe they’re very real)

So, I was faced with a grave decision, “invest” in a mac, or build a hackintosh (which people say is an art, experience and super fun). Hackintosh is a fun concept, especially if you follow tonymacx86, but it was too much for me at that moment, so I pulled out my credit card details, with all the force within me, finally purchased a Mac. Ofcourse I went bonkers.

Kept on tracking it’s arrival, and when it was here, spent a good 15 mins staring at the white box, my future companion was here, It was THE ONE! (always wanted a mac you know)

So, that’s the story of me and my mac. We’ve spent some good times since 3-4 months of it’s arrival.

Paul specifically said – “Mowgli’s got a mac” lol.

Good one. More adventures to be continued.

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