Audio Fingerprinting & Identification

So, We’re told to submit a minor project in this semester (since I’m in my final year of college, yay me!).

Originally, my idea was to do something like Facebook’s osquery but minimal, you know with just a few command line plugins and things, but in my head it seems quite easy to build, sure has it’s challenges but, I can do it.

But, something’s really really more interesting, and it had me interested since quite sometime ago when a friend on mine used to use Shazam on his Nokia when we were in School, (lol, yes, Symbian was once a thing! insert only 90’s kids remember gif). Back to topic, Shazam, so now that I had the power (the power of googling the correct keywords), I came across, Spectrograms, Deja Vu & a paper written during early development of Shazam! Quite intriguing.

So Fuck my first choice(, I’ll write an SQL parser later), I think I’ll change my project, since this is a field I haven’t really touched during my last (almost) 2.5 years of consultancy, & I really want to do something good with the time I have right now before I complete college.

So, what shall we call it, I need to create an empty project directory, you know! and I’m such a noob when it comes to thinking names.

It’ll be like an open source project built over super hip current technologies.

It’ll probably also help me learn Go!.

Name, name, name.

Need to find someone who knows something like this, must partner with someone.

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    • I haven’t really started working on it, like really really started on it, the Idea is still super fresh and I know I need to start working on it from this week to get done in this semester, & loads of work here! and this is exams week too (we have monthly exams :(, yes this is very real) for me!

        • Hey Rob,

          It’s still under dev. I’m trying to juggle between it, my work projects and college! So, will really appreciate if you can wait a bit.


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