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Just I’m dead

(Private + Public) – Contributions to Branches

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(Public + Private) – Branch

So something that confused the fuck out of me a month or sometime back (why am I writing about this right now? well, being a full-time freelancer and a full-time student’s hard dude, seriously) was the way github contributions works. Yeah that’s right, it’s a rant!

You know that feeling when you push your hard day’s work and tasks commit by commit on the most amazing collab tool and find out that it’s also used by future employers to check your contribution count, so you goto the contributions one day without logging in and just going what the fuck..Yeah..I had that day..

Icing on the cake, I logged in and realised that a really huge chunk of my contributions to some other private project is missing (or so I thought). (See May-Aug!) Yeah., so I went on and created a support request (ok, I know I didn’t read the notes on github about it) asking why are those contribution’s missing. Well apparently they only take into account contributions to “master” (well thinking about git-flow, it makes sense, but, you don’t really stick to it in medium sized projects when you’re the main contributor, there’s usually just “develop” in my field of work, I know..don’t laugh please..).

But there we have it. Github contributions and why I dislike that chart.

BTW the timing’s correct since I’m also looking for a job since I’m about to finish college soon. Wish me luck.

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