Practicing on Hackerrank!

So, while working on real world projects and problems, my algorithm and C++ skills (most of my projects didn’t needed really deep algorithmic C++ stuff)  got quite shabby, so as a resolution to this year, I am reading The C++ Programming Language (4th Edition) and Handbook of Data Structures & Applications to really shine my turd. [ref – Eli the Computer Guy (Youtube)].

And I’m also trying to solve some problems on hackerrank in C++ just for fun (Project Euler & the C++ domain really caught my eye) Whenever I get some time from work and personal stuff (happening at a really fast pace right now, brother’s getting married, made a nice looking website for the couple too, probably I’ll update it on linkedin soon).

So that’s probably it the new updates this year, yet. I’ll be trying to push more things to the blog for my own reference & revision :)

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