Parse is Shutting DOWN!


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If you got this, you’re probably in shock, well, atleast you won’t be effed in the ass like with other Facebook API products which end up being a development Hell, when they keep upgrading “versions” of their Graph API and completely removing the basics with no regard to products that do not have a really constant development or revision cycle (pointing towards Easyretarget) but fortunately the client’s now know, because the issue’s visible.

Wait, moving 2 step backwards in my rant, I’m not the best blog writer out there, I just document things as they happen (after an hour or month later) So, just posting this link for future reference to me – Parse Announcement

BTW you might be thinking, why do I even know about Parse? ref: Ratchett the project originally started off to be built around the Parse API at that time, but I consulted them out to use a private Mongo Instance (which ended up eating a shit ton of RAM so we budgeted ourselves and rewrote the whole thing with MySQL as our backend in v2.)


Too much power in too few hands. Is this where the future is leaning towards?

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